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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 42 (8)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 42
Page 42

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 42

Installations to date:

SANTIAGO Metro Theatre Dante Theatre Astor Theatre Central Theatre

El Golf Theatre

VALPARAISO Metro Theatre

Installations pending or being installed:

SANTIAGO Metro Theatre Las Lilas

VALPARAISO Metro Theatre Velarde



Films in 3-D like Warnerls ttHouse Of Wax" and Universalis ttIt Came From Outer Space" have secured big results, but unfortunately the reaction of the public to the polaroid glasses has been very bad; mainly due to the fact that it seems that the glasses were receiVed in bad condition even before they were used.

CinemaScope has been very well received, especially with a film like nThe Robe" which lends itself admirably to that system, and which would have obtained a great reception even in 2-D.


In Chile there exists a Censor Board established by law, to which must be submitted all films arriving to the country before they are released to the public. This Censor Board uses the following classification: 1) Approved for gene eral exhibition; 2) Approved only for adults; 3) Approved only for adults and not recommended for young ladies, and 4) Rejected. In general, the censorship

3-I) Panoramic Screen 3-l) Panoramic Screen 3-I) Wide-Screen (linemaScopc 3-D Panoramic Screen 3-D Panoramic Screen

3-D Panoramic Screen

CinemaScope (Perspecta) 3-D Panoramic Screen CinemaScope

CinemaScope (Perspecta) 3-D Wide-Screen CinemaScope

3-D Wide-Screen CinemaScope

acts very equitably and the difficulties with it are very scarce.

Theiatresi localities are subject to different. taxes. For instance, one stall priced at. $50. (Chilean Pesos) is taxed 23.66 per cent, this is, from the gross price to the public of $50, the locality pays $11.83 in taxes and there remains $38.17 to be divided between the exhibitor and the distributor.


Just the time when the famous Na tional Hotel of Havana opened, 1928, was the year when the then exclusive Encantoea 1500 seat theatreewas inaugurated. It was really a flne theatre,

PRQOF the new screen processes have truly made an international impression can be had by paying a visa to the Nuzyamies Theatre. in Lappeenrant, a town in the east of Finland. This theatre has a seating capucny of 506, and was the second theatre to be fully equipped with a wide screen.


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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 42