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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 48 (14)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 48
Page 48

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 48

ALTHOUGH theatre construction in France has not been heavy there has been some activity along those lines. Seen on this page are photographs

Deaf hearing aids are also provided for those who require them7 special moniw tor panels having been fitted to ensure good hearing.

The Odeon is fully air conditioned and, should electricity fail for any reason, there are two 112 k.w. Bohn & Kahler generators ready for immediate service.

The Odeon is equipped for 3-D screenings, as well as for CinemaScope and standard films. Four G.B. Kalee projectors which can be locked in pairs have been installed.

The four foyers each have their own bar and own color scheme, Formica has been used for table tops and counters,


and a new material has been introduced in front of some of the bars called ttDernside" which is a plastic material,in this case ribbed with gold and silver.

The doors are tiled throughout in grey and green mosaic except for the circle lounge which is rubber tiled.

The overall dimensions of the building alone are 6500 square feet*415 tons of steel went into its construction, 540,000 bags of cement, 86,000 cubic yards of sand, 87,000 cubic yards of granite and half a million bricks. The maximum number of laborers employed in any one week was 200; the Otis elevator travels at 200 feet per minute; the generators

ol the Le Basque! Theatre, in Paris. This is a tastefully designed and decorated house which has the facilities to seat 820 persons comfortably.

total altogether to 224 kilowatts; the glittering gold of the 100 foot tower is made of anodised aluminum sheeting; the automatic safety curtain cost $30,000,

There is a candy shop, soda fountain and a milk bar.

The seating capacity of the theatre is 1,645.

There are, too, Hhidden assets" which, though vital, are not necessarily apparent to the patron, such as the film hoist from the ground iioor to the projection room, the spacious artists, studio, the many new features in the bars, the special bottle coolers, and so on.

Backstage is a world of its own. There are eight dressing rooms and showers, flies for scenery fitted to the roof, an extra large door placed at such a height that scenery can be unloaded from a truck straight on to the stage, and a mass of equipment for lighting. This latter consists, to mention a few of the items, of a seven-color telescopic flood light, itspots" and a wonderful lantern which, with an automatic color wheel, can create new worlds upon the silver screen-rl'ainbows, snow, the flames of a forest firey forked lightning or cool waterfalls.

No wave of a wand enabled its owner. Loke Wan Tho, to complete this giant project. Instead, there were months of careful planning and hours spent on scrutinizing and finalizing details for the approval of the City Council. Once official sanction had been given for a first class cinema on land which had been in the owner's possession since 1938, plans went ahead and the demolition of the old houses on the site begun. Thus on Sep THEATRE CATALOG 1954-55

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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 48