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1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 53 (19)

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition
1954-55 Theatre Catalog
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 53
Page 53

1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 53

FEATURING a wide screen the New State Theatre, Phishoro, Ireland. is one 01 the tew new theatres constructed in Great Britain recently.

more. Cinemas which in 1939 could afford the luxury of empty seats can no longer do so. Indeed, the financial anxieties of many exhibitors in 1954 rnay well be traceable to this causeethat their cinemas were designed in more spacious times.

These cinemas, then, which may be going up in towns and districts that require them, what will be their style? They will be simple in design, with a functional, if not an austere, air about them. They may be the better for it, may prove more satisfying for their purpose than some of the more pretentious edifices which survive from yesterday. They will have comfort and amenities equal to the best that the most pampered patrons know; for the furnishings and trimmings of the cinema, the seats,


drapes, lights, the soundheads and projectors, these have advanced even while they have become more costly. The emphasis, in fact, may well be laid entirely on expert presentation of the entertainment in a homely, cosy atmosphere. That in many instances there may be wide screens, stereo soundheads, integrators, anamorphic lenses and other of the most modern refinements to be allowed for on the bill will necessarily limit the expenditure available for fal-lals or decorative extravagances.

Many of these cinemas of tomorrow may be moderate in size. The economics of the present time teach that, while a patron turned away from a full house costs the exhibitor nothing, a seat representing a contribution of t60 towards the total outlay and which remains empty

Although there are tew frills either on the exterior or interior, the very srmplicrty of the desrgn helps to concentrate the attention on the screen.

can point the way to disaster, A 1200seater filled to capacity once a day is a safer bet than a itsuperii twice its size which continues doggedly half full. The exhibitor who builds, or rebuilds, must cut his coat according to the cloth of today.


The editors of THEATRE CATALOG would like to thank Mr. Fortunat Baronat of Universal International Films, Inc., and his fine world-wide staff, [or furnishing most of the photographs and material used in this article. Our thanks is also extended to Dr. John G. Frayne, of the Westrex Corporation, and Mr. Bernard Charman, of the Daily Film Renter, London, England. Without their generous cooperation this article would never have been possible.
1954-55 Theatre Catalog, 12th Edition, Page 53