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Rustic Tri-View Drive-In - Living History

This section is a free form way to capture the story behind the drive-in and people associated with it. Please add to it by logging in and editing this wiki page.

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In 1951/07/03 the Rustic Tri-View Drive-In Opened...


Beginning of the lesser-known one-screen era


The DeMareias (can't remember the exact name, sorry) purchase the Rustic and make it a three screen family venue of first-run films


Not much to say here.


In 2008, Your neighborhood theaters purchased the Rustic and continue to operate it as a 3 screen family venue.


The Rustic now takes credit cards at the box office and snack bar, adds digital projection, and becomes one of the top family spots for summer in Little Rhody, the best since Rocky Point Park. I go there every year anywhere from 4-10 times per season. The food's good, the movies first-run, and it's just a grand piece of Americana calling back to the old days of the Lonsdale Twin, the Ponta Del Gada, the Hilltop, and the Shipyard.

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