Vision Statement

The Concept is a comprehensive and continuously updated website dedicated to drive-in movie theaters and their history.

The site features a searchable database of 5083 drive-in movie theaters. The online archives contain 28471 drive-in photos and thousands of media references. Additional features include industry resources for owners, as well as showtimes, events calendar, and an online store for enthusiasts.

Our Mission

Our mission is to fuel the public's interest in drive-ins through facts, images, memorabilia,and marketing programs. The information shall be interactive, comprehensive, and accessible to everyone. Philosophy strives to:

Inform:the public and the media about drive-in history and the drive-in experience, encouraging them to seek out and support those operating in their area.

Entertain:by offering a mechanism where people can reminisce and/or learn about the drive-in experience.

Enable:drive-in goers, enthusiasts, and owners to share stories, recommendations, and knowledge.

Preserve:drive-in history by collecting and presenting both factual and experiential material, both written and visual, helping new generations discover the drive-in.